In May of 2020 Book of the Month launched their “A Gift for Every Mom” Mother’s Day Campaign. This campaing is the second most important campaign of the year, with the goal of selling gift card memberships to potential new members of the book subscription.

With this campaign title we approached this project as we did in the 2019 Holiday campaing to stay on brand. There were some changes made to the illustration to have a much more subtle and neutral color palette as well as a refinement of the character’s anatomy.

We wanted to illustrate these moms to feel both relatable and fun. We grabbed inspiration from the famous “Mean Girls” movie mom and made “Cool Mom”. We also expanded what mom could mean and we included what we called our “Veteran Mom” for those who have an older family member or person in their life who they consider like a mom. 

The campaign was shown on Facebook and Instagram ads, shared on gift guide blogs, shown on our social media page and had a spot on our gifting section on the site.